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The Importance of Maintaining Proper Air Conditioner Refrigerant Levels

Maintaining a healthy level of air conditioner refrigerant is very important because this fluid is responsible for:

BLOWING OUT COLD AIR: Refrigerant fluid helps your AC unit blow out excess cold air. That’s why ice forms on refrigerant lines with low Freon levels.

EXPELLING HOT AIR: Ironically, low refrigerant levels can also put your unit at risk of overheating. Without any Freon flowing through your lines, heat will remain trapped inside your unit and eventually cause internal damage.

CONSERVING ENERGY: Healthy refrigerant fluid levels allow your unit to absorb heat and control indoor air quickly and effectively. If you don't have enough Freon, your AC will have to work overtime and generate more power just to function normally.

Signs You Need a Freon Recharge

Do you know what happens to your AC if it doesn't have enough refrigerant fluid? Here are some issues that may arise:

LACK OF COOL AIR: Lack of AC refrigerant will hamper your unit’s ability to absorb heat. This will make it very hard for your system to reach the desired indoor air temperature.

STRANGE NOISES: An AC refrigerant leak will cause your unit to produce an unusual hissing or bubbling sound.

ICE FORMATION: You may notice ice forming on your AC's refrigerant lines if it starts running low on Freon. Keep in mind, though, that ice formation is already a major issue. In most cases, the unit will first make strange noises, produce warm air, or have trouble starting up.

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Customers continue to trust Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning for our:

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our services are backed by more than two decades of industry experience. That’s what allows us to take on all kinds of Freon replacement and repair tasks – no matter how big or small they are.

HELPFUL ADVICE: We do more than just fix the problem and leave. We’ll guide you on the basics of maintaining your AC’s refrigerant line to avoid issues in the future.

TRANSPARENT PRICING: Our team will be 100% transparent with you throughout the entire project--no hidden fees or surprise charges. We guarantee flat-rate prices across all services.

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