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Common AC Problems

Some of the issues our air conditioning repair service team handles the most include:

REFRIGERANT LEAKS: Refrigerants are fluid mixtures that absorb heat. If your refrigerant line leaks, your AC unit will stop producing cold air.

BROKEN FANS: Your AC unit has two fans: one that transfers heat outside and another that blows cool air indoors. They’re both very important. If one of these breaks down, you’ll notice either a warm or weak airflow.

MOLD BUILDUP: Mold accumulation tends to be an issue on unused AC units. For example, most homeowners don’t use their cooling system during the cold winter months. This leaves it prone to mildew and mold growth. Once mold growth occurs, your AC unit will start to smell damp and musty.

THERMOSTAT ISSUES: Feel like your indoor air temperature keeps fluctuating? Before looking for leaks and damaged parts, the first thing you need to check is your thermostat.

The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

Some homeowners feel that AC maintenance is unnecessary and take the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach. However, this practice is very harmful and could end up ruining your entire cooling system. You should never forego regular maintenance. Here’s why:

INCREASED ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Worried about how much an AC tune-up costs? Don’t worry. The money you save on electricity bills and repairs will more than make up for the service fees.

FEWER REPAIRS: The best way to prevent serious issues and long-term damages is by following a regular maintenance routine. Doing so gets rid of defects before they worsen.

BETTER OVERALL PERFORMANCE: Feel like your unit’s not working as well as it should? Then schedule for an air conditioner tune-up. Our team will do a complete inspection to identify what the issues are and how to resolve them.

LONGER LIFESPAN: Committing to regular air conditioner maintenance checkups is a solid way to maximize your unit’s lifespan. Our team will check for pipe leaks, busted wiring, and damaged fans. These are common issues that could eventually destroy your unit if left unattended.

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