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Having problems with your home’s indoor air quality? Don’t worry! Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Our experts provide professional air quality services to customers in Burlington and throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

What sets us apart from your average indoor air quality company is versatility. We don’t limit ourselves to simple repair jobs. Whether you need minor tune-ups or a complete HVAC installation, our team can handle it.

These are the following services we provide in the Burlington area:

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

As the name suggests, indoor air quality pertains to the quality of the air in an enclosed space. This includes homes, office spaces, and shopping centers, among others. Why should you care about indoor air quality?

HEALTH: Maintaining good indoor air quality is vital to your health. Dust, dander, and other indoor air pollutants can have serious health repercussions, such as allergies, congestion, asthma, and more.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Dust and debris can block airflow to your HVAC system, forcing it to work harder than it should and consume more energy.

CLEANLINESS: Poor indoor air quality also means more dust and dander floating around to settle on surfaces. That means more dusting and cleaning our electronics.

What Factors Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

Some factors that affect indoor air quality include:

FILTRATION: The biggest factor in determining indoor air quality is filtration. There are many options available, from simple in-furnace filters to more elaborate infrared devices.

OPPORTUNITY: The type of heating and cooling systems you use can also determine opportunities for pollutants. For example, radiant in-floor heating tends to leave less opportunity for dust than a forced-air furnace as it doesn't require a blower or vents.

MAINTENANCE: Finally, how frequently you’re servicing any filtration systems and having your heating system cleaned also factors in (depending on system type).

Of course, lifestyle factors can contribute, as well. Smokers or pet owners may want to opt for a stronger filtration option. Regardless of your needs, at Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help.

Installing radiant in-floor heating in your home might be the solution to your dust problems!

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We Can Help Boost Indoor Air Quality!

Wondering what you can do to improve your home’s air quality? Then reach out to Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning. Our air quality services experts cater to customers in and around Burlington, WI.

We’ll perform a complete assessment of your home’s air quality and come up with a customized indoor air improvement solution to meet your needs. Then, we’ll brief you on your options and explain the pros and cons of each one.

Finally, all that’s left is for you to finalize the paperwork. Just give us the go signal so we can get started on improving the quality of your indoor air.

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Rosenthal Heating & Air Conditioning provides fast, reliable HVAC services to boost indoor air quality. Call 262-534-7330 to learn more about your options. We serve customers from and around Burlington, WI.