About Us

Trish and Bill Kurbis run Rosenthal Heating and Air Conditioning while raising two daughters. They understand that families need to make ends meet. They don‘t expect their customers to purchase anything unless they would purchase it themselves. So, they set out to make great purchases on quality products in order to reduce rates and keep customers coming back.

They also knew that they would not purchase maintenance for their own furnace or air conditioner unless it was a deal too good to pass up.


The original business began as a sheet metal shop in 1992, and then the former owners transitioned to a heating and cooling business. They purchased the business in 2006.

Today our company serves both residential and commercial customers who live all over southeastern Wisconsin.

Unlike our competition, Rosenthal Heating and Air Conditioning does not try to push new equipment on our customers. Our competitors purchase new equipment every spring and fall, and so they have a huge equipment inventory they need to sell. Rosenthal Heating and Air Conditioning works with home and business owners to provide them with the products and services they need and want.